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River Oaks Elementary School

Working Toward Integration of Google Apps EDU

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am happy to say I have cleared the first hurdle in the process of becoming a Google Certified Educator after recently attending a 3-day Google Certification Academy in Huntsville,TX at Region VI. After successfully surviving all 6 certification exams, I'm a 'Google Qualified' Educator, which means I can take next steps toward becoming fully certified Google Apps EDU Educator & Trainer. 

The next phase involves setting up and administering a school domain. Within that protected and private framework, we can offer instruction, training and guidance on ways to integrate GoogleApps for Education to support and drive learning.

Here's just one excellent example among many of the power of moving in this cloud-based direction--Writing & Collaborative Revision. View clip to see the Growth of a Google Doc In the Eyes of an Elementary Student
Drafts can be shared for both teacher and peer comments and suggestions. It is possible to embed feedback immediately at any point within students' work which is specific, interactive, and powerful! Teachers can gain assessment insights. As writers, students have a real sense of audience and community, and are motivated to read both their own and one another's work with a critical eye. Authentic experiences with digital citizenship and crafting 'academic' comments vs. social comments are also a benefit.

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