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Words, Words, and more Words

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To expand your vocabulary or investigate ways to improve your writing through word choice, explore some of the many excellent online dictionaries and thesauruses!

Create visual word maps that can show you useful related synonyms and parts of speech. Visuwords and Snappy Words are online graphical dictionaries that show not only synonyms, but expand into many other word relationships and parts of speech. Lexipedia shows webbed word connections too. Wordia brings words to life through both text and videos!

Tagxedo and Wordle are useful in creating word clouds. Try using these tools with a piece of your writing, a speech, or an article and you can discover repeated words, themes and main ideas.

Find word games and interactive activities on Spelling City, Word Central, and Math Dictionary for Kids. Go to Spelling City and enter your spelling words. Then, choose one of the many games to help you practice and learn. After, take a test and see how well you really know those weekly spelling words. Interact with the activities and games in the Maths Dictionary to better understand important mathematics vocabulary too.

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