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Sweet Search--readable & reliable!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just because you find information on the Internet does not mean it's true, and often sites are very hard to read and understand. Where do you go when you need good information that is readable, true, and safe?

Sweet Search
and Sweet Search4me (designed for elementary students) are excellent choices for kids! Like Nettrekker, their results only include sites that are accurate, reliable, safe, and understandable
because they are reviewed by teams of educators. You can find them both HERE on the ROE Library site, and you can also try out a search directly below by typing in some key words. 

Finding Dulcinea, the creator of Sweet Search, also offers several other excellent pages for student research projects and assignments. Check out also Sweet Sites, 10 Steps to Better Research, Sweet Search Biographies, and Sweet Search Social Studies.


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