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Campus Home
River Oaks Elementary School

ROE Technology Toolbox & Grade Level Websites

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'd like to introduce the ROE Technology Toolbox, a new site that organizes Web 2.0 creation tools for students. These tools are excellent options for students with teachers to build global connections, create presentations, collaborate within and among classrooms, record voice and sound, make charts and graphs, and edit images. While the year progresses, more tools will be added as we learn about them. Look for links to student projects too. New Technology Applications TEKS will be officially adopted in 2012-2013 so we are beginning to phase them in this year. The last revision took place in 1998!

Grade-level websites are in development over the course of the upcoming school year too, and they can also be accessed on the homepage of the Tech. Toolbox site. Each grade level is collaboratively developing new pages with updated learning resources for each of their IBPYP planners and including specific subject area resources also. Over the course of the upcoming school year, all of these sites will evolve to provide great learning opportunities for our students across the curriculum.


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