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Technology & Learning Meet the Future

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ROE students in Mr. Vialard's and Ms. Eastman's elective classes had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Viramontes, Houston I.S.D. Chief Technology Information Officer. Mr. Viramontes held a thought-provoking discussion with them about the evolution of technologies and the possibilities we might encounter as learners in the future. When asked about their career aspirations, students' responses ranged from U.S. Marine, pediatrician, marine photographer, video game designer, geologist, Olympic skiier, physicist, writer, engineer, and equinologist, to name just a few. Mr. Viramontes pointed out that technologies are critical to performing in these careers both now and in the future. He talked about how new ideas and developments grow out of problems or needs we have, and that kids like them are the key to the innovations that are happening with technology. 

Our conversation also focused on 'device learning.' Information technology is now held in our hands like never before. Our portable touch screens allow us to be able to study and learn wherever we are with convenience, speed, and mobility. Students have flexible opportunities to learn because of convergence of technologies in single handheld devices--e-books, cameras, games, voice/video recording, music, cameras, GPS systems--all tools we find together on our phones and tablets! 

Mr. Viramontes also discussed future learning through 3-D experiences. We considered the potential of holographicspersonal-area networks (PAN) and wearable technologies too. Through satellite and holographic technology we will be able to project people, places and things into our learning spaces and also be able to manipulate and walk around these streaming images. New dimensions in technology will also involve more of our senses, including even smell! 

We thank him for sharing his expertise and facilitating this exchange of ideas! Thanks also to Mr. Vialard for connecting us together for this visit and for his iPad snapshot posted above! Here are:


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