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IBPYP Exhibition

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Website by Elizabeth, Aarohi, and Maya about Service Animals

Exhibition is a demonstration of students' learning of key concepts within the IBPYP curriculum frameworkIt is an intense, multi-step, multi-layered process, and students' success provides evidence of every aspect of the Learner ProfileIt not only shows students' development of transdisciplinary research and social skills but also their communication and self-management abilities too. It is a testament to learning that has happened not only in 5th grade, but in each grade level that has come before. 

Exhibition work is 
student-led and requirements involve research, writing, technology and taking action as an extension of learning. 
The role of mentors has been essential to ensuring student's receive much needed support. The quality of students' work is also directly connected to our teachers' ability to balance strategic guidance and intervention at the point of need while at the same time ensuring students' own what they are learning and are given the tools to steer their own course. 

Students designed lines of inquiry and 
investigated self-selected topics in connection to the central idea: 'Action impacts our community and our world.' Pre-search experiences gave kids the opportunity to choose topics they were truly passionate about. Working in collaborative teams, 5th graders developed questions and lines of inquiry through concept mappingThey used multiple sources to gather research information in the form of notefacts, and cited sources along the way. Organizing notefacts at the midpoint of research was key in order to identify gaps and unanswered questions, and then research resumed to address these. Students also brainstormed, developed, and implemented 'action' plans. Kids experienced first-hand that they could make a difference in our community in relation to their chosen issue.

To synthesize understandings from their research, students wrote essays to summarize what they'd learned and then began
developing presentation ideas and planning products incorporating technology. Next, they transformed their gathered research information into a range of original creative products, a few of which are embedded above and below. They used BibMe to finalize their bibliographies, and teachers coached and guided teams in delivering their final presentations in ways that both engaged and informed their wide audience of families, community members, and students from every classroom throughout our school. 

Just a few examples of ROE Exhibition 2011 products created by students are posted here. Many links to other phenomenal work continue to be added HERE.

 An animated presentation about Parkinson's Disease by Jackson and Robby (created with Prezi)-Note: Click arrow to load and view presentation.

An e-Book to inform River Oaks students about Autism by Ilona and Alexandra (created with VoiceThread)--Note: Click on  students' avatars to hear voice recordings page by page.

A Multimedia Pop-up Book about Ocean Pollution including original illustrations by Corbin, Joann, and Warren (created with Zooburst)--Note: Click small ''show more' arrows above story text on each page for additional text & click exclamation points above images for thought bubbles.

An Interactive Timeline about Technology by Beckett and Stuart (created with Dipity). Note: Click any timeline label for more description of events. 

A Multimedia Poster about Alzheimer's Disease by Will and Sabrina (created with GlogsterEdu)

Find additional links to projects HERE 


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