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Ranger's Apprentice: Erak's Ransom

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Erak's last raiding before becoming Oberjarl of Skandia, he is captured and held hostage by the Arridi desert people. When one of Erak's crew members sends word to Halt, Will, Horace, and Evelyn-their Areluen friends, they immediately set out to get their close friend Erak back to where he belongs.

But it's not as easy as they think. When the Areluen party finally make it to the desert where the Arridi people are, they are informed by the Arridi "Wakir"-their headman. The soldiers(which belong to the Arridi) that were guarding Erak have been attacked and the Tualaghi Warriors now have Erak and are holding him hostage. But instead of getting Erak back with money, the Tualughi headsman wants a battle-Arridi & Areluens vs. the Tualughi Warriors.

Who will win and what is in for Erak and the Areluens? Read the book to find out!

Reviewed by Katherine
Rating: 10 out of 10

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